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The Issues that Matter

I started my campaign for Fishers City Council by reaching out and listening to local residents. As an at-large member of the Fishers City Council, I’ve already had the honor of hearing from so many citizens about the issues that matter most to them. As we embark on this journey to the Statehouse, I affirm my commitment to listening first. I will continue listening to citizens like you so that together we can build a platform that truly represents the interests of the people.

Strengthening Public Education

Public education runs in my family—both my parents were public educators, and my son is a high school English teacher. My children attended Hamilton Southeastern Schools from kindergarten to 12th grade. I know without a doubt that our community’s success rests on the strength of our public schools.

We need state leaders who will work to address the actual challenges facing our public schools today, not waste time on divisive issues like the Supermajority has. I will work to ensure our children get the education and opportunities they need to pursue their dreams and establish fulfilling careers right here in Indiana.

My plan:

  • Fully fund public schools
  • Address the statewide teacher shortage by investing in current and future teachers
  • Provide more career apprenticeship opportunities for students
  • Provide public college tuition credits to Indiana high school students who demonstrate they were on payroll during high school
  • Cap Indiana public college tuition fees to keep higher education affordable for working families
  • Hold all schools that receive public funding to the same high standards
  • Keep the Supermajority’s partisan politics out of the classroom

Improving Quality of Life

For too long Indiana’s leaders have failed to prioritize Hoosiers’ quality of life. We need a state legislature that is willing to strive to make Indiana the most desirable place to live in the country, and that means we can’t just lower taxes and call it a day. Instead, we must take a holistic approach to Indiana’s economic and social health that values our state’s people and places.

My plan:

  • Empower every Hoosier to pursue a happy, healthy life—including by defending the right for a woman to seek a safe abortion
  • Protect Hoosiers from gun violence by enacting sensible legislation and require gun-owners to fulfill reasonable responsibilities.
  • Expand access to quality, affordable primary care to every Hoosier
  • Protect Hoosiers from the Supermajority’s anti-LGBTQ+ and anti-women legislation
  • Address Central Indiana’s affordable housing crisis, especially for first-time home-buyers, seniors, and renters
  • Invest in the resources necessary to reduce rates of domestic violence, gun violence, and traffic violence in Central Indiana
  • Take pride in Indiana’s places by investing in our Main Streets and protecting our natural resources
  • Take pride in Indiana’s people and culture by supporting Hoosier artists, artisans, innovators, and entrepreneurs

Investing in the Future

The Supermajority’s economy is not working for Hoosiers. Most of our state’s recent job growth has been low-wage, and too many communities have been left out altogether. Instead, Indiana needs to adopt a new economic development strategy that values Hoosier workers, understands their challenges, and looks toward the future.

My plan:

  • Ensure access to affordable, quality childcare so that every Hoosier—including Hoosier moms—can go to work knowing their children are in good hands
  • Ensure access to reliable transportation so no Hoosier has to worry about how to get to work
  • Invest in workforce development and prioritize growing high-wage, union jobs 
  • Invest in the green infrastructure necessary to mitigate the effects of climate change and prepare for Indiana’s energy future
  • Improve quality of life and strengthen public education to better attract new business to Indiana

Caring for our Neighborhoods

Our community has seen a lot of changes over the years. I’ve been proud to be a resident of this growing and successful community for over 20 years, and I look forward to seeing it succeed well into the future. Caring for our neighborhoods has to be a top priority so that they can remain places where people want to live, work, and play.


My plan:

  • Direct more state funding to Central Indiana communities to maintain and repair our roads and sidewalks
  • Clean up Indiana’s polluted air and waterways
  • Increase outdoor recreational opportunities for Central Indiana families
  • Fight against state interference in local affairs