“The people of District 31 know their voices are being ignored by the Supermajority. I offer voters the representation they are missing, the transparency they are entitled to, and the balance we need.

I’m running to represent every voice. I’m running to earn every vote.


Jocelyn Vare currently serves as an at-large member of Fishers City Council. Now, she is running for Indiana State Senate to represent the people of District 31 — residents of Fishers, Geist, and parts of Noblesville and the Northeast Side of Indianapolis.

  • First Democrat elected to Fishers municipal office
  • Resident of Fishers for over 20 years
  • Founder/owner of Propeller Marketing, an award-winning advertising agency
  • 25 years of experience in the Indiana tourism industry
  • Has promoted communities in 40+ Indiana counties
  • Proud daughter of two Indiana public educators
  • Proud mother of two union members


The newly created State Senate District 31 includes all of Fishers and Geist and portions of Noblesville and the Northeast Side of Indianapolis. Although long held by Republicans, the district is now primed to flip to a Democrat.

According to PLANSCORE:

  • District 31 leans Democratic
  • Democrats have a 59% chance to win
  • It is the only Republican-held State Senate seat within flip range

Since 2016, residents in District 31 have voted more Democratic:

2020 Presidential election

2018 US Senate election

2020 State AG election

Jocelyn already represents approximately 72% of the district’s population as an at-large member of the Fishers City Council.



  • Jocelyn’s historic city council win proves that residents in District 31 are dissatisfied with the political status quo and are eager for change.

  • Jocelyn has a proven record of building a bipartisan coalition of supporters. She knows how to build trust and win votes among independent and Republican voters.


  • Hamilton County is central to the Indiana Democratic Party’s Future. Recent trends prove that with attention and investment, Democrats can win here–and they must continue to win here to be competitive statewide.


people reached with Facebook posts

email communications with constituents

touchpoints with citizens specifically about 5G

phone calls with Fishers residents

community events attended

monthly blog posts to inform citizens


Fishers Arts & Culture Commission member

Nickel Plate Arts board secretary

Fishers Arts Council president

Fishers Music Works president

Historic Ambassador House board member

Fishers 2040 Plan task force member

Advance HSE (public school funding referendum) outreach committee chair

Steering committee member for Fishers’ successful Statewide Cultural District application

Coordinator of the annual Nickel Plate Direct Arts Crawl

Co-chair of Spark!Fishers committee

Member of a Racial Discussion Circle presented by Racial Equity Community Network.

Graduate of Ball State’s Economic Development Course and Community Development Course

Graduate of Fishers City Government Academy

Graduate of Hamilton County Leadership Academy


As an at-large member of the Fishers City Council, Jocelyn has:

  • Served residents by amplifying their perspectives and concerns to the city
  • Changed status quo by holding the Republican majority accountable for its decisions
  • Brought greater transparency to government decision-making, especially big financial decisions that cost taxpayers
  • Demanded the city follows Indiana public access law in a timely and complete manner
  • Increased affordable housing opportunities in Fishers for first-time home buyers, seniors, and people with disabilities
  • Reformed the appointment process for City boards and commissions to better reflect the full diversity of Fishers residents
  • Supported the creation of the Fishers Armed Forces Commission
  • First Democratic member of the City’s Budget & Finance Committee
  • Co-creator of resident-led initiative to assist neighbors with 5G tower placement

In 2021, Jocelyn was recognized as an Impact Award Honoree, one of 30 alumni designated in the Hamilton County Leadership Academy’s 30-year history.


Public Education

We need state leaders who will work to address the actual challenges facing our public schools today, such as learning loss from the pandemic and teacher shortages. Jocelyn will fight to strengthen public schools, provide resources to support every Hoosier student, and keep the Supermajority’s partisan politics out of the classroom.

Investing in the Future

The Supermajority’s economy is not working for Hoosiers. Most of our state’s recent job growth has been low-wage, and too many communities have been left out altogether. Instead, Indiana needs to invest in all its people and places so that we can compete in the economy of the future. This means investing in Main Streets, green infrastructure, and higher education opportunities, and prioritizing high-wage, union jobs for Hoosier workers.

Quality of Life

For too long Indiana’s leaders have failed to prioritize Hoosiers’ quality of life. We need a state legislature that is willing to strive to make Indiana the most desirable place to live in the country, and that means we can’t just lower taxes and call it a day. Instead, we must take a holistic approach to Indiana’s economic and social health. This means ensuring access for all Hoosiers to basic needs like healthcare and housing; addressing issues like poverty and substance abuse head-on; and putting an end to anti-women and anti-LGBTQ+ legislation once and for all. 


For over 20 years, Jocelyn’s small business Propeller Marketing has partnered with Indiana communities in counties all over the state. She is intimately familiar with the diverse challenges our state faces, as well as its wealth of assets. 

Jocelyn has worked with statewide and local organizations to champion tourism and economic development in Indiana:

  • Indiana Office of Tourism Development
  • Indiana Tourism Association
  • Indiana State Festivals Association
  • Visit Indiana Golf
  • Indiana Grown
  • Indiana Artisan
  • Destination marketing organizations
  • Local economic development organizations


In green: Counties Jocelyn has partnered with

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